Small House is two sisters. Small House is Valerie Marchand and Heather Marchand. Both work out of their home studios in Torontom, Ontario. Any given day you will find either or both sisters sewing, drawing, painting, gluing and cutting. Both Valerie and Heather have educations in Fine Arts and are most happy when creating something. Aesthetics and function are carefully considered concerning all items made for Small House.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding Inspiration...

Inspiration can come from anything.
I pull inspiration from objects, artworks, the environment and things I see everyday. I could be themes, or maybe colour schemes. I build and diversify my aesthetic by collecting things... some may call it hoarding... I choose to call it research.

While I'm at my day job I am surrounded by beautiful things, gorgeous handmade and decorative Japanese papers. The more I admire them, the more I notice my tastes migrating to the more unusual patterns. It's refreshing to see the way they put different colours together, combinations I would not expect or have considered myself. They encourage me to take more chances with the objects I make, the unusual is most beautiful.

Here's a few of the papers I am digging right now.... new additions to my collection:

Silkscreened Chiyogami Paper

Handmade and Hand Stenciled Katazome-Shi

Cut-out Patterns from Katazome-Shi

Silkscreened Chiyogami Papers

Small House loves Japanese paper.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I began making "things" for myself as a teenager and most of the time it was because I had a specific idea in my head for something and could never find it in any shop. How frustrating at times to not be satisfied with what what was in front of me on store shelves or hanging on a rack. I remember the satisfaction of making my own duvet cover and pillow shams or altering clothing as a teenager. I then studied Fine Arts in college and learned how to develop a strong aesthetic as an artmaker and now believe an artist's unique aesthetic can be used for more than just artmaking. "This is Small House," are makers of both practical and frivolous items that have been considered for both function and style.

This blog will introduce you to "Small House," and its creators.

Small House is two sisters,
Heather Marchand & Valerie Marchand.

One of the first products designed by me for Small House is a sweet and feminine powder puff. A soft polyester fur is used to hold and dust powder and on top printed cotton with a ribbon clutch.

Small House recommends using your powder puff with a pretty dish from your own collection. Pour a little of your favorite powder in a crystal candy dish, vintage teacup or a unique piece of pottery and you have found a new use for an old favorite.

Puff is approximately 3" wide.