Small House is two sisters. Small House is Valerie Marchand and Heather Marchand. Both work out of their home studios in Torontom, Ontario. Any given day you will find either or both sisters sewing, drawing, painting, gluing and cutting. Both Valerie and Heather have educations in Fine Arts and are most happy when creating something. Aesthetics and function are carefully considered concerning all items made for Small House.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doily Super-Stash

One of the pro's to having a true blue Horder in your life is the mounds of useful/useless items at your disposal.

Like a box full of crochet doilies. And when I say a box full, I mean a box FULL! Not a shoe box, a big box containing some 50+ doilies.
These little gems have been stashed away just waiting for someone like me.

When life hands you a box of doilies what else is there to do but make doily buntings?!

So introducing, Tea-stained Doily Wall Hangings. The newest super-sweet item to the This is Small House collection. Watch for them soon in the shop as well as our booth at the New Bloor Festival on Saturday, July 24.