Small House is two sisters. Small House is Valerie Marchand and Heather Marchand. Both work out of their home studios in Torontom, Ontario. Any given day you will find either or both sisters sewing, drawing, painting, gluing and cutting. Both Valerie and Heather have educations in Fine Arts and are most happy when creating something. Aesthetics and function are carefully considered concerning all items made for Small House.

Monday, November 1, 2010

An Afternoon at Ransack the Unvierse...

"Ransack the Universe,
A strange and Wonderful Smorgasbord of Unique Treasures."

Recently I spent the afternoon exploring, guarding and selling the treasures that have been collected at Ransack the Universe. This shop can be found on the lower level of the 69 Vintage Collective, 1207 Bloor St West. This collective is 3 floors and 7 stores full of unique and carefully curated items.

There is so much to take in at Ransack the Universe I have chosen some of my favorites. Guess which of these items I brought home?!

Origami Earrings, by Maggie Krawczyk, $20

Spoon Rest, $3.50

Vintage Tins, various prices, apx. $12 - $25

Paper Coasters, 25 for $2.50

Field-guide to... , Set of 4 for $35

This is Small House is available at Ransack the Universe along with many other original and re-purposed crafts by over 30 local artisans.


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